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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good bye summer. Missing you already.

I feel bad admitting it, but I've hardly even noticed the leaves beginning to change. I don't know what it is about cold weather, but no matter how beautiful the day, it tends to make me feel kind of anxious and down. I don't know if it's because of the struggles we've had the last few winters, the sun setting so early, that it's harder to go out and about with little ones in the cold, or that I just don't like winter, but it never fails that at the first signs of cold, I get a little depressed.

One thing that has kept me slightly optimistic is that we are hopefully moving soon. There are a few things that need to fall into place, but I am trusting they will. Luckily, thanks to borax (and perhaps the cold as well) the ants are nearly gone. The mice on the other hand have multiplied since the temperatures dropped. Despite the fact that we have filled the holes (again) and placed mouse traps every night (have caught 4 so far), they don't seem all that intimidated. Yesterday I found a nest in my winter clothes that I was taking out of storage (luckily no mice present when I found it), another place behind the hamper where they seemed to be collecting dog food, and mouse droppings on our clothes that were hanging in our closet! I have no idea how they got up there, but I am now in the process of washing everything I own. I immediately called my landlord and expressed my serious concern. I think I can officially call this a health hazard (as if the fact that they were already on every other surface was not enough to count!). She told me all terminix would do is set out traps since we have a dog and children, so she brought me mouse repellant, moth balls, and these mint packs that are supposed to irritate mouse noses and keep them away and told me to keep setting traps. Still found fresh droppings today, but she says it will take time. I guess there is not much else to do to keep mice out of a house that is so easily nibbled through.

If you could join me in prayer that moving works out sooner than later, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Caitlin said...

Praying. Where are you guys looking to move? Maybe I'll make something yummy and pumpkiny and come over and that will help you enjoy fall. :)


Breka said...

Moving? That's exciting - keep me posted. And - not to be all 'be grateful for what you have' because I know the feeling of seasonal emotions but - please, please enjoy the colors and sun for me while it lasts? The leaden skies and drizzle and dramatic clouds of Washington have their charm, but I might become an emo poet.