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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Priorities and Blogging

Life with two kids plus school can get quite busy. Hence the reason I have not been writing much. Also, I quit facebook (it was way more of a distraction than I'd like to admit!) and not being connected to people via the internet has made me much less inclined to share here.

I have been loving school. This college is definitely more challenging than any I have attended in the past, but it's a productive challenge. I feel pushed to really learn, understand, and implement--not just memorize. My professors are kind, supportive, and seem to really want their students to succeed. They are hard working and committed, setting the tone for their students. There are so many schools I could have ended up at, I am so thankful God brought me to this particular program. (They should totally pay me to advertise, right?)

My main challenges so far have been time management. It's hard to fit in all the studying I have to do into the few time slots I have without my kids. Plus I need (and really want) quality time with my husband. Plus I am finally developing some great friendships here and those take time as well. It's hard to prioritize. It's hard having to say to my kids, "This is your time to play on your own, mommy has to study." When I really want to play with them. It's hard to lock myself in my office when all I want to do is curl up on the couch with my husband. It's hard to say no when I am invited to girls night because I have to study. My relationships are all so important to me--to say no feels so wrong! My biggest challenge is not just sticking to my priorities, but figuring out what my priorities are. One day I'll figure out a solid routine that works... right?

This brings me to blogging... I really wanted to continue blogging through school. I actually wanted to start a whole new blog devoted purely to being in school as a woman with a family. But lately I've been doubting my ability to even write something worth reading. Apparently I need affirmation. It's true. I'm one of those people. You don't comment on my post, or I don't get any new readers and I start to feel like blogging is pointless. I've shared a lot of really personal stuff here and gotten a little more deep than funny, and have lost a lot of feedback it seems. Knowing people read, care, relate (and maybe laugh)--that is the only thing that makes blogging worthwhile.

So I'm going to be that person and ask you, my readers, for your opinion. Start that new blog? Or just continue to slowly taper this one out and be done for awhile?