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Friday, October 21, 2011


For those of you who haven't heard, we are officially moving! And once again, I should be packing. But then both my boys are sleeping soundly at the SAME TIME, and I think, pack? I have two weeks, that's plenty of time! For me, two weeks would normally be plenty of time. I am used to this rushed, got to get it done, mentality. I can not start things ahead of time because once I start something I do not want to stop until it is finished. An unfinished task for me is a task that will never be finished, and I really hate the feeling of an unfinished anything (even though it happens a lot in my life). However, I really should be getting on it because I actually have two houses to pack. Reason being, the lady we will be renting from has been renting furnished, and we do not want it furnished, and she lives in Florida, so we have to pack up her house too. I said I was up for the challenge, now I just need to prove it. Here's where my life time experience of packing ought to come in handy. I should hope so anyway.

I am really excited about this new house, and many of you have asked for details. I would love to put up pictures, but I want to put up "before" and "after" pictures so you just have to wait on those and for now be satisfied with my written description. From the amount of excitement on my end you might think we're moving into a spacious, modern home, with a hot tub and lake front views... Not quite, but close enough for me. The house is pretty itty-bitty in terms of houses (750 sqft). It's an older ranch style home with red brick and pink stucco. Oh yes, did I mention our landlord is from Florida? 

The kitchen is the size of the average American's walk-in closet, the living room is the size of the average American bedroom, and the bedrooms, as you might have guessed, are much smaller. But with hard wood floors, a fire place, and an awesome screened in back porch, this place is so cozy and it has more than enough cuteness potential. The boys will be sharing a room right across from ours--which I love. The lay out in our current home is our room is on the complete opposite side of the house from the boys' rooms, and that's always made me kind of uneasy. Even though we're moving down in number of rooms, I kind of like that too. I want my boys to share a bedroom. Sharing a bedroom with my siblings growing up taught me a lot about sharing (sharing everything), and I want them to grow up learning that too. That and we're renting the house at a ridiculously good price...

The yard is awesome. She has an extra lot, so though the house is small, the yard is really big for this neighborhood. Although it will still be smaller than our current yard, it's flat, and there is no dangerous equipment around! Did I mention this will be the first time in over 3 years (of our only almost 4 year marriage) that we will live separate from Aaron's work? I'm pretty excited to see what that's like. And did I mention we'll be only 1/4 of a mile from a lake/park? That might be my favorite part. We could even walk to several friends' homes, the library, coffee shop, and another park from this house. I love walking. :) 

Ah I'm so excited! I will probably wait to write more till after I am done with the move and can post pictures. We'll see...

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Caitlin said...

Faith! This sounds so incredible! I am so happy that this is happening for you. :) Let me know if you need any help with anything, if I'm not working I'd love to be able to help out. :) Woohoo!