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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

It's a Wednesday morning, but it feels more like a Saturday. There is a heavy, non-stop drizzle outside. It would be gray and depressing if not for all the colors still present on the trees. The kids who I have been watching are home because their mom is on vacation this week (wonderful surprise for me!). Aaron is down at the shop (aka easily accessible if I should need him), Gabriel is down for his morning nap, and Aiden is sitting next to me contentedly (um, yeah, probably because Sesame street is on). What a wonderful opportunity to get some much needed packing done!

Yes, you read that right, PACKING! I have never been so excited to pack! Notice all the exclamation points already? Yeah, I'm excited! It's kind of a leap of faith, starting the packing process already, because there is one little detail that still needs to happen. Finding a place. Ok, not that big. We basically have a place to move into, it just needs to be set in stone, which will hopefully happen today or tomorrow. The thing is, after cleaning out my entire closet, washing every piece of clothing we own (because of mouse droppings), scrubbing and cleaning EVERYTHING with a surface in my entire house, and then finding a huge mouse nest in my STOVE (fire hazard + trailer = disaster, not to mention really gross to have mice where you've been cooking, there was so much mouse poop and pee under there I'm surprised we're all still alive), I decided it was time to take action. Pack. Be ready. Because the second we're given a green flag, we're out of here! Also we're expecting snow on Thursday. Weird right? Snow in October... I am not looking forward to this winter, and don't want to be in this house when it comes.

My landlord is bringing an exterminator in on Thursday, we can afford to get slightly better heating this winter, and this house is in much better condition now than it was when we first moved in. So should we really move now? YES. No hesitation here. No doubt here. I have been praying for this for a year now (or whining about it anyway). I am ready to have some distance from Aaron's work. Have a yard I can let my kids play in unsupervised (or supervised, but not hovered over). A place in town where we can walk to the park. I am ready.

Now I have packed when leaving home for the first time, moving from one country to another. I have packed for college and for leaving college. I have packed as a couple. As a pregnant woman. As a mother of one child. I've have packed whole houses on my own multiple times (tends to happen when your husband works ungodly hours). Yet it feels like a completely different experience with two kids. Plus we've been in this house longer than any other (in my entire life actually). BUT lucky for me this is happening right between the busyness of summer and leaf season, so Aaron will be able to help me this time--which is so nice it feels like a miracle. Honestly, I'm so excited to be moving, I'd pack it all and even load it on the truck myself while taking care of the kids if I had to. I'm so ready for this!


Vanessa Washburn said...

I am so excited for you that you get to move on from that house. It is pretty clear that you have been unhappy with the conditions for a while. But please know that you do not have to do this move alone. I am sure there are lots of willing hands who will help you move. And if need be help you re-wipe every thing with a surface as you move it to the new house. Just let us know how we can help.

Sam said...

this is so exciting Faith! I want details!!!