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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Nights

Remember those friday nights you'd look forward to each week? Get all gussied up, meet up with friends for a night on the town? Now perhaps it's more like looking forward to sweatpants and any meal you don't have to cook? Or how about those awesome relaxed friday nights when you and your sweetie would just cozy up on the couch for a movie? Now its more of a "bad habit" you're trying to break? Can you relate? Or is it just me?

Maybe you're single and you can still go out on friday nights without the need of a babysitter (which these days is more expensive than the actual date). Maybe you are newly married and those nights on the sofa are still new and exciting enough that you don't feel bad for spending them in from the the TV. Or maybe you're married with kids and somehow you still manage the energy to get out and live up your friday nights.

Don't get me wrong. We still go out when we can, and we would a whole lot more often if we still had unlimited free babysitting (one major upside to having people live with you). I still love movie nights on the couch with my man (they just happen a lot more often now and with a lot more interruptions from little boys who should be sleeping). And I still like staying up late on friday nights because of the beautiful prospect of sleeping in the next day. Ha! Sleeping in... sometimes I'm so funny!

The best friday nights though, are the ones you spend facebook stalking people you don't really know anymore, blogging about nothing, and listening to the soft hum of your husband's snore next to you. Go ahead. Be jealous.


Sam said...

bhahah. you're too funny!

p.s. Phil and I cozied up on our couch tonight and watched a movie...not because it is new or even exciting, it's just that we're too tired for anything else lol!!!

Faith said...

Exactly! That's what we've been doing lately. A lot. haha.