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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time To Commit

It can be such a scary thing, commitment. But when you find someone you love, who does you good, it really makes no sense not to. So I am committing myself to one hair dresser--Deanna! In case you didn't realize, this is kind of a big deal. I have never done this before. (It's one of those "settling down" signs I try to avoid, but now that I have lived in one place for over 2 years, I'm getting a little daring and breaking all kinds of rules.)

Let me explain.

I have had a lot of really bad hair cuts in my life. You may remember the one from last year. Clippers, razors, shears, you name it and it's been done to my hair. It seems unfair really, seeing as I've made a point to keep my hair healthy. I don't dye, blow-dry, straighten, or perm, and rarely use products. Why must hair dressers hate me so? I'm sure it has something to do with my price range. Now that I've mentioned it, the only hair cut I walked away from completely satisfied was a $60 hair cut. I'm usually more of a $20-$30 hair cut kind of person. So why Deanna? Here are a few reasons:

1. She has nice hair (this is usually a tell-tale sign as to whether you should let someone touch your hair)
2. She is friendly (if you're gonna be rude, please don't come near me with scissors)
3. She puts up with my "Um, I sorta want it like this picture, but not really..." and, "No wait, I change my mind, do this..." and, "I'm not sure what I want, will you just make it look good?" (maybe I should take more of the blame for my bad hair cuts)
4. She does her job well (as I said before there was only one hair cut that I liked completely right off the bat, but Deanna does a good job, and I am always happy with it after a day or two; once I've learned how to wear the new cut. Plus I always get compliments after she cuts it instead of the dreaded, "Oh your hair! It looks so... different!")
5. She is the only hair dresser who following hair dressers don't say, "Who did this to your hair?" about the cut she gave me (and I get that question a lot)
6. She makes me feel wonderful about my hair, saying things like, "You have such great hair! I bet you get complimented all the time..." (I don't care if she just wants a good tip, it works)
7. She works conveniently close to my home (that in itself is almost a good enough reason in my book)

So here's to Deanna, my forever hair dresser. That is, unless she quits, I move, or I find a better one (what can I say, I'm more loyal to my hair than my hair dresser).

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