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Monday, August 15, 2011

Date Night

Gabriel finally decided he'd humor me with the bottle last week, thanks to those brilliant "Breastflow" bottles. He's still hesitant to take it from anyone but me (the kid knows what he wants) but we decided it was as good a time as any to test it out on a babysitter. Also, we were desperate for a date.

Saturday night: Aiden ready for bed, Gabriel safely tucked in my friend Liz' arms, me frantically spouting off last minute instructions-- it was time for our first real live date since Gabriel was born. Well technically we had one other one, but it was just to the local coffee shop and I was so nervous the whole time (because of that frightening possibility that Gabriel would starve to death in the five minutes it would take me to get to him) that it just didn't feel official. This time we were going to the movies. Normally I might say, Wow that's lame, you can't even really talk at the movies. Or something stupid like that. But Aaron and I haven't been to the movies together since we got married (and actually I think we only went maybe twice while we were dating), so the prospect of watching an entire movie with no interruptions, plus popcorn, drinks, the whole works? Very exciting. In fact, every time I thought about it I got those pesky little butterflies in my stomach. I kept looking at Aaron and smiling excitedly while clapping my hands like a little girl with glee. You would have thought it was my first date ever or something. Thankfully Aaron wasn't weirded out by my desperate, and even slightly embarrassing, enthusiasm. I think the feeling was mutual.

We arrived at Carolina Cinemas, about 35 minutes from our home, feeling excited but also a little tense as I was painfully aware of every minute that took me further from my babies--in particular the one that would possibly not eat from his bottle. But as we stepped into the Cinema, my worries faded. I grabbed Aaron's hand, we bought our tickets, got drinks (beer for Aaron, root beer for me--yes this theater was awesome), popcorn, and even some candy. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the theater did not have regular seating, but couches and foot rests. All the better for a good ol' movie make out session! Except that we were at the very front of the theater as there were no other seats open and we certainly weren't going to be those people. Also we really wanted to see the movie. Not to mention, we could make out at home without spending a fortune on movie tickets. Am I right?

We watched Change-Up. It was quite possibly one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. Although I could have done without all the profanity and booby shots. There was an awful lot of nudity. The men, on the other hand, got to keep all their clothes on. I guess we still live in very much a man's world. Not that I would have wanted to see naked men either. But seriously.

Going to the movies was more fun than I even imagined. I don't know why I was ever against it to begin with! No risk of conversations about real life or other stressful things. Just relaxation. With my man. Couldn't have asked for a better first date! Minus, of course, the boobs.


Caitlin said...

Glad you guys had a date night. And for the record, movie dates are so NOT lame. At all. They are one of Jeremy's and my favorite dates. We love it. Glad you enjoyed yourselves, minus the boobs. :) Here's to more date nights!


Faith said...

haha, I agree. We just used to have so little time together, if we went on a date I wanted to actually be able to talk to him. But these days we get plenty of time to talk, so movies are nice too. :)