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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I have never intended for this to be a mommy blog and further still no intention of using it to advertise products of any kind, but I have found myself being so thankful for so many of the gifts I received in preparation for Gabriel that I can't bare not to mention a few! Whether you are expecting or expect to be expecting some time in the ever expanding future (or find yourself invited to a baby shower--can't really avoid that one!), here is a list of a few things I did not have with my first, but now couldn't imagine going without.

The Moby Wrap
This is the only baby carrier that doesn't destroy my back and neck, saving me from countless headaches! It can be intimidating when first learning to strap your little one on, but in the end it is well worth it and even get's easy after awhile. There are multiple options for various positions depending on your baby's size and whether they want to sleep or take in the world. It's nice not have to buy an infant insert which can cost you an extra $50! I also just bought a sling carrier that is also comfortable, easy to carry in a diaper bag/purse, and convenient to have on hand when you don't have time to configure the Moby.

BumGenuis Cloth Diapers
I never thought I'd be a cloth diaper fan. I imagined they'd be gross, inconvenient, and stupid. After buying 2+ years worth of disposables with my first, I decided it might be worth keeping an open mind. Thank you to all of you who gave me gift cards! I used them to purchase BumGenius diapers, and now live in the luxury of not having to buy so many gosh darn disposables! I'm not gonna lie, the money-splurging, tree-hating, land-filling side of me still likes disposables better (and I still use them at night and when traveling), but cloth diapers are actually pretty cool. And BumGenuis are my favorite. So far no blowouts, seem comfortable, and are pretty cute too. That's good enough for me.

Arm's Reach CoSleeper Bassinet
Best idea ever! I lost so many minutes (and they all add up) of sleep sitting up to check on Aiden, waking up way more than necessary just to make sure he was breathing. The cosleeper allows you to check on baby without sitting up, and is very convenient in lifting baby out for those late night/early morning feedings. It sounds silly. Unless you've been through it before. Then it makes complete sense.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow
The name still makes me laugh, but don't let it (or the price) deter you from getting this can't-live-without item! It is a breastfeeding momma's best friend (the name doesn't lie). Especially if you are a first time mom, or get headaches from the nursing position like me. This pillow is much firmer than the Boppy, and actually surrounds your waste and latches, giving full support and the ability to get up and walk while nursing even if still a noob! Simply amazing.

I don't use the swing to get my baby to sleep (at least not on purpose), but I still claim it as a can't-live-without. It's nice to switch it up between the swing and bouncer, since like most people, babies like variety. Aiden didn't like the swing the first few tries and since he liked the bouncer I didn't hesitate to return it. I was a little more patient and determined with Gabriel since he wasn't too fond of the bouncer either and within a few weeks he decided he liked both, although on different occasions. Regardless, it's a nice substitute for my arms when my toddler needs my attention, and I've been very happy with my Fisher-Price Cradle Swing hand-me-down.

Nursing Cover
Alright so I'm still not a huge fan of nursing covers. They are hot, they get in the way, and personally I think they draw a whole lot more attention with those bright patterns (hasn't anyone in the nursing cover business heard of solids colors?) but still I am thankful to have one on the occasion I find myself in company with small-minded people who find feeding your child a thing of discomfort. Finally, a reason to carry these flabs of flesh around on our chests and now they want us to cover them up! I am generally a modest nurser, but it helps people feel better when they run no risk of being flashed. I can understand that.

And last but certainly not least:

The Electric Pump
With Aiden I thought to myself, Well I'll be mostly nursing so a hand pump should work just fine, besides those electric pumps are just so darn expensive! Worth every penny my friends (although technically I didn't spend a dime-- thank you Kait!). Whether you are planning on going back to work or being a stay at home mom, don't let yourself believe you don't deserve one of these. I can't tell you how much easier, faster, and wonderful the electric pump is compared to the hand pump! Of course, now that I have one my son won't take a bottle. Of course.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. My heart, soul, and mind (especially my mind) thank you deeply for these amazing gifts that have made my life so much easier!

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