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Thursday, December 29, 2011


I gave up new years resolutions years ago. I would still name one or two, but usually with another resolution to completely forgive myself should I fail miserably (knowing without a doubt what the likeliness would be). A good friend of mine had a really great idea. It's called goals. You set goals for the year, write them down on a big piece of paper and let them be visible to others. Share them with friends, read theirs. Make them realistic. Some small, some big. See what you accomplish in the end. I like this idea much better than one or two big new year resolutions. It's tangible and much less intimidating, which is funny since my list is much longer than the usual. Perhaps because these are things I plan to do anyway, might as well make them "goals" and feel good if I accomplish them.

Here is my list. In no particular order.

-CNA certification
Already took the class, just need to schedule that dag-gone certification test (and pass). This is way over due.

- Finish pre-req classes 
Basic math, microbiology, anatomy and physiology II.

- Apply for nursing school
Whether I end up going in 2013 or not, I intend to apply this fall. This is a decision I have been struggling with for two years now. No longer "if", but "when". I began the process in 2010, now I intend to pick it back up and finish it. Just 3 more pre-reqs and a couple tests, all of which are the least of my worries. My fear has not been can I, but should I. I am hoping God will give me my answer with a simple acceptance or rejection to make the final decision easier on me. You know, so I don't have to really make the decision... besides the whole studying my ass off and applying for it part, that is.

- Quote journal/letters to the boys 
I've decided I need to write down on paper Aiden's quotes (and Gabriel's once he starts talking). I also want to write them letters. I figure if I can write how I am feeling about them, and life, as it's happening, maybe they will better understand me and the things I do. Or forgive me the times I fail them when they see how much I loved them regardless. I have considered doing this for Aaron as well.

- Make running a part of my life again 
And all that that implies.

- Write at least one fictional story

I love fiction. I have this idea that in order for one to be a true writer, they must be capable of writing fiction. This task is almost as daunting to me as applying to nursing school (despite the fact that nursing could lead to a potential life-long career and fictional writing would simply be a hobby). The idea of writing fiction literally makes my stomach flip and my heart beat harder. A mixture of excitement and fear. I don't like starting things I know I must fail at countless times before even a chance of success.

- Start and keep a prayer journal
I communicate much better in writing than in speaking. I used to love to pray. Something happened. A lot of things happened. Prayer is difficult for me now. Last time I found myself in this place I wrote. It was hard to start, but my prayers somehow felt more genuine, and my mind didn't wander. Prayers in passing seem unfair, especially when they are the only prayers prayed. I want to write to God from my heart again.

- Get Christmas gifts done before Thanksgiving
I really like getting people things I know they'll really like. I also like making people gifts (and hope they like them). Only problems are, I procrastinate (this makes home made gifts difficult). I am not wealthy (so when I procrastinate I don't necessarily have the time to find that "perfect" gift for the price I can afford). I am not Martha Stewart (my hand made gifts take time, and even then don't come close). Bad combinations = not getting/making the gifts I'd really like to give to people. This year I plan to get gifts through out the year as I find them (making easier on the wallet), and should I decide to do hand made gifts, be able to take my sweet time on them. It's ambitious at the very least.

- Try a new trail once a month
I used to love to hike. I have not hiked in a really long time (since... before I was pregnant with Gabriel I think!). I live in a great area for hiking. I want to hike once a week, but I'd like to try a new trail once a month and catch up on all the months I've missed to explore new trails. This may have to start in the spring though...

- Print pictures
So many pictures... so few printed.

- Have a cleaning schedule, and stick to it
I used to have an awesome cleaning schedule that fit in with my daily routine and made keeping house a not so horrible part of life. I want that again. I like a clean and organized house. No, I need it. This will happen. No excuses!

- Date with my sexy husband once a week (even if just a walk!)
Ah my husband, how I miss our weekly dates. We will make it happen again this new year, and I look forward to it more than anything...

- One-on-one mother-son dates each month
I love mother-son dates. I had high expectations of doing this this past year, but it just didn't happen. At least not as often as I would have liked. The implication is, while I'm having one-on-one time with one of the boys, Aaron is having one-on-one time with the other. It's a good plan, and shouldn't be too difficult especially now that Gabriel is taking a bottle again and eating solids for that matter (hooray for little to none boob-reliance!).

- Limit TV to twice a week
I don't think this one needs much explaining.

- Limit desert to once a week
I like sweets sooooo much. It's almost ridiculous. No, it is ridiculous. I would like to conquer and control my cravings. Instead of the other way around.

I'm pretty excited to see how many of these will be crossed off by the end of the year. Now if you've taken the time to read through my long boring list, you can take the time to write your own (and I promise to read it if you promise to share it). Good luck to you all in this new year. May you be blessed, and bless others.


Breka said...

Please write fiction. Please share it with me? I've been trying to write more short stories, because I realize I haven't been writing enough. I would love someone to trade stories with. I find that reading short stories helps. It's an art form, and immersing your mind in it makes your mind think it. Plus, it's easy to find time for short stories...

I am not a goal setting person. Goals stress me out (probably mostly because I don't know what I want in my life, and some goals I don't know how to attain). But I think I probably have a lot in the back of my mind that aren't concrete. Maybe I should try to make myself reach some goals. I'll share them if I do.

Jordan S said...

I think everyone reading your list narrowed in on "write a friction book" goal. It is an exciting thing that you can do from home and everyone will want to read it when you are done. Here is what I suggest...WRITE TO FAIL/WIN...and PUBLISH IT. Just continue to write and publish, the more times you do it the more comfortable you will get with it...it is a part of developing your craft. If everyone who starts doing their passion is a winner....there can be no fear in failing can there? Not being afraid to fail or win (and the expectations that comes with that) will help you enjoy the process of writing even more. and the great thing is the WWW has made it free to publish...and you can potentially make some real dough from it. visit http://www.lulu.com/publish/ebooks/?cid=us_pubpage_ebooks

Sam said...

Very exciting list, my friend! I'm inspired. I'll get my goals out soon :)