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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When God gives you love, give it abundantly, but don't let it go.

Six years ago last Friday, I finally said yes to a very patient and determined young man who had been faithfully asking me out for 3 weeks. It seemed like the biggest deal in the world at the time. In retrospect, I guess it kind of was. After all, here we are 6 years later, married with two kids.

Now, I'm not the kind of girl who incessantly praises her husband. I don't post how wonderful my hubby is on facebook every time he surprises me with something special, or takes me on a date. I don't brag to my friends about how lucky I got. I probably don't even tell him often enough how much he means to me. It's not because I don't think it. I think about how awesome he is all the time. Honestly I think I just take life a little too seriously. I stress too much. I let "life" get in the way. This is one thing I absolutely love about Aaron. He reminds me how to enjoy life, even when stresses are high and spirits are low.

I love that he can turn a trip to the store into a family outing, or on the occasion that it's just us, a date. I love that he loves to take me out, whether it be for something special, or for no reason at all. I love that he still opens doors for me. That he never forgets my favorite things. I love that despite my insecurities, I always feel beautiful with him. To this day, nothing in me doubts that even when I was 9 months pregnant (and had gained 60 lbs!), he still thought me the most beautiful girl in the world. I love that he can work 15 hour days in the mid-summer heat to provide for our family and not even sigh a complaint (I complain plenty for the both of us). I love that he still explains processes to me (like rebuilding engines) like an equal, even though it goes way over my head. I love that he's a "guy's guy" but will still hold me in comfort when all I need to do is cry (even if it's just because I watched a sappy chick-flick or finished a beautiful book).

I'm not out to convince any one that my husband is perfect, or that our relationship resembles anything close to perfect. Frankly, I think that facade is a waste of everyone's time and leads to many disappointed young couples who actually buy it. (I don't think airing your dirty laundry is healthy either, but balance is always a good idea.) We have issues just like the rest of you (married, single, in between, issues are issues). The thing is, I love being with Aaron. Even in the moments that he drives me absolutely crazy, my love for him is still real, and I know I want to grow with him. The things I struggled with when I was single: loneliness, insecurity, spirituality, the unknown of the future... Marriage doesn't make any of that go away. But I am thankful for my best friend. Someone to learn with and from. Someone to meet anew over and over again. To fight with. To continue to fall in love with on deeper levels. Talk to. Dream with. Make fun of. Laugh with.

Thank God He knew what He was doing when he sat Aaron next to me in chapel. When he caused our paths to continue to cross. When he gave Aaron the courage to pursue me. And gave me the sense to say yes.

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Noelle said...

Believe it or not I remember those early days!! :)