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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The deal with Santer...

Here's the thing (here she goes), I've never had a problem with Santa. He's been a little tackified (a little??), but other than that, he's ok by me (pssh). I'm a little sad that the original story is lost on so many (that instead this big red persona is used to deceive and confuse small children? The irony!), and the whole wait in long lines and sit on Santa's lap thing is not really something I plan to make a tradition (seriously does anyone even know who that old dude your kids are sitting on is? Creepy...). 

Now I've never tried to tell Aiden that Santa is real (he's a fraud! He's fake!). Honestly I didn't even think to bring him up till Aiden came to me a couple weeks ago already completely convinced that Santa was going to come down our chimney and give him presents (as if he could fit, so unrealistic). I told Aiden the story of St. Nicholas, although he lost interest half-way through and most of it went way over his head (kids today, ain't got no respect). I told him we now share stories about Santa in memory of St. Nicholas. 
"No!" he cried with his most serious tone. "Santa IS coming to bring me presents!" 
I told him that mommy and daddy bring him presents (why should the old geezer who sneaks in our homes and eats all our cookies get the credit?). He tuned me out despite my efforts. Apparently Santa is no fun unless he is real (he's fake! He's a fraud!). And apparently presents aren't good enough unless they are from Santa (geezer). 

So here we sit on Christmas eve. Aiden offering me wet pieces of candy cane from his sticky hands. Santa is coming (fraud). He is bringing presents down the chimney (sneaky bastard).  And by gosh there will be snow (I'd be ok with that)! 

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