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Friday, September 16, 2011

Things. Stuff. And other things.

Something is happening.

There is a trail of ants from the window behind me all the way to my trash can 5 ft away. Ant traps aren't working. I wipe the trail with the most toxic cleaner I can find. Less than 2 minutes later, the trail continues. Infuriating.

There are mouse droppings on my kitchen counter and in my utensil drawers. The mice are back. I tend to jump and even occasionally squeal when I see one. I hate them with a passion and yet when the mouse trap snaps shut and I hear the little mouse's last screech I can't help but feel bad, wondering if its family will miss it. If it has little baby mice waiting at home. Probably in my closet.

There are cobwebs in almost every corner of my house. Despite the fact that I vacuumed and wiped them all yesterday (including the pesky spiders who made them). I question God's purpose in creating these creatures.

I have to wait in traffic for five minutes and can't sit there without checking facebook on my phone.

Someone cuts me off without even using their blinker. I curse the day they were born and barely stop myself from flipping them off.


I often get frustrated with my house. With my life. The small things. Why are dishes and laundry so unending? The big things. Why do I have to learn everything the hard way? Why can't I ever do anything right the first time? The annoying things. Why are there so many freaking critters in my house?!

When I stop to think about it, these things remind me of my childhood. The things that just were. Growing up where bugs were a part of life, not something gross or infuriating (as though some injustice has been done that I should have to put up with insects). Back when we would eat ant-infested peanut butter with nothing more than a little laugh about the extra protein. When traffic laws were simply guidelines. When nothing came easily and yet I always trusted they would work out.

The other day I made Aaron come into the bathroom and kill a spider for me.

What has happened?!

Spiders the size of my hand used to be a normal thing to see in my home. I used to wake up to scorpions on my bed netting. I used to need a net. Now I am having my husband kill a little spider in the bathroom corner? Something is wrong here. I've become one of those people I used to laugh at.

But then at the end of the day I rest in the fact that at least we don't have those ginormous cockroaches. Those things have always freaked me out.


Jordan S said...

Think of every frustration as an opportunity...Have ants, mice, cob webs? Now you get the opportunity to be creative and learn the best way to eliminate them!

Hate drivers who cut you off? Remind yourself that it is this type of driving that will eventually get them killed, or at least very injured to the point that they will not be cutting people off for long.

Afraid of mice and insects, you have just given your husband the opportunity to show you how manly he is...We husbands don't have much...so, it is nice to be able to show how macho we are even if it is just a small spider...

=) Love you Faith, try to relax a bit, don't be too hard on yourself, and remember you are not alone!

Staci said...

Hi! I'm a friend of your mom and dad...they are in our couple's Bible study :) I really enjoy your posts! I know this wasn't the point of this post, but I figured I'd pipe in with what we have found to be an effective treatment for ants (we've had MUCH experience :) Use Terro Liquid Ant Killer http://www.terro.com/products.php?product=liquid_ant_killer) inside your house. It works great and isn't even toxic (it is Borax based). And sprinkle some of that granule stuff for outside around the outside perimeter of the house. Put out lots of that liquid ant killer inside anywhere you see the ants. For day or so you will actually see MORE ants (b/c the stuff is really sweet and attracts them) but after three days, the ants are usually gone. You should be able to find those products at Wal-Mart or a hardware store. Works like a charm every time :)

Sam said...


what great big-bro words :) love it. And faith, I hope the ant killer that Staci recommended works.

sometimes the little things cause everything else to seem crazy and out of control. you are not alone.

I know you are frustrated with the bugs, but I can still hear the humor in your voice. I chuckle with my morning coffee ;)

I love you !

Faith said...

Haha thanks Jordan. :) I have been trying to eliminate for two years, and my tactics work for short periods. You're right I should see it as a challenge. Who knows then maybe it will be fun. (haha) And don't worry about me, I only freak out sometimes when I'm at my ropes end! Then I find another rope I didn't realize was there. It's life!

Staci, thanks for that, I'm going to go get some tomorrow! So excited. :)

And Sam, I am glad my despair has made you chuckle... just kidding. :) You're right, I was basically making fun of myself, I do see the humor (today, some days I don't). I miss drinking coffee together!

Vanessa Washburn said...

I have had 2 panic attacks in my life. Both began with a spider. But really I think the spiders were the little thing that pushed me over the edge at stressful times in my life. So sam, I'm with you on the effects of small things.

Also, I have been known to call friends when Zach is out of town, so that I do not have to kill spiders on my own. I miss the days of letting daddy long legs tickle my arms. But I'm pretty sure ones as big as my hand would have freaked me out even then, so you get points for being brave in my book. (It's funny how sometimes we can only be brave when we really have to be)

I guess if you want a positive spin on it you can think of how good it is to feel. Even fear, anxiety, anger and frustration. It is our ability to feel those things so completely that help us to also feel elation, passion, love, joy, pride, determination and so many other wonderful things.