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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

I think I was more excited about the first day of school than Aiden. No, I know I was. But Aiden was excited too. He talked about Danielle the rabbit all morning (they had only met once, but apparently they are best friends). Aiden insisted on running the whole way from the car to the building. When we got to his class room he immediately found his new friend Cole (they met at the park and now are in the same class) who was playing with trains. When I left they were both standing on a step stool looking at the turtles. All I got was a no eye contact "Ok!" when I told him I was leaving instead of the typical "Mommy, you just dont leave me." It made me both happy and sad. Mostly happy.

I spent my morning as a free woman--well, taking care of Gabriel, cleaning, and even made it to the gym. Although Aiden was only at school for 3 and half hours and I enjoyed the freedom of only one child, I did find myself missing him. I never realized how quiet the house is without him. It was nice though. To have a chance to miss him. And the quiet.

I got to sit in a pick-up line for the first. It's as unexciting as it looks. Then I pulled into the wrong area like a total noob. And then there he was! My big little boy, carrying his back pack, looking like such a little man holding his teacher's hand, searching the crowd of parents for me. Then he saw me. And burst into tears. "I don't want to go home!" he wailed. He cried the whole way home, saying he wanted to go back to school, or the park, or anywhere with Cole. Apparently they spent the whole morning inseparable.

Now he is taking the longest nap ever. I guess school wore him out. I could get used to school.


Used to it.

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Vanessa Washburn said...

I'm glad his first day went so well. And that you got to enjoy some free(ish) time. Hopefully I can hit up the gym with you next time.