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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Food Gets Complicated.

"Chicken nuggets aren't a good food mommy... Just chocolate is a good food." - Aiden

Just when I was thinking my healthy habits might be rubbing off on him! Although, he makes a good point, no?

Food, food, food. I have to think about food so much more than I want to. The good thing about adopting a diet out of choice is there is little guilt when I break the "rules." However, considering the hell I have to pay afterwards, I really need to have the perspective of a lifestyle change and not just as a diet (which clearly says "temporary"). I have always loved food, but now my relationship with it is rather complicated and even quite strained some days. At first I thought the transition to a no grain diet was a lot easier than I originally assumed it would be, but I can see now that I am still learning how to say good bye to so many foods I love. It's easy to eat Paleo when it's all that's in my home, and for the most part my food options are what I'd like to eat anyway. However, things do get more complicated when you eat with friends and aren't the one cooking. Or when a most delightful cupcake shop opens up less than a mile from my home. I can eat a little, it won't be too bad... I think to myself. I need to video myself after eating grains and processed sugars and then force myself to watch it any time I am tempted to say "it won't be too bad." What is that malfunctioning creature writhing on the floor there? I might ask myself before I recognize the voice screaming, "WHYYYYY? WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!"

Nevertheless, HeyHey Cupcake is having it's grand opening today and you better believe I'm gonna be there! (Will I ever learn?)

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Noelle said...

I can relate. We're constantly going back and forth between trying to eat really healthy and then falling back into convenient/cheap food. We're actually getting ready to kickstart another attempt at a lifestyle change in our eating. I'd like to think eventually it'll be enough of a habit that the occasional splurge will not turn into regular splurging as it has in the past. I don't think splurging is bad when its minimal, but usually I justify it into a regular occurrence.