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Monday, May 7, 2012


I honestly am not completely positively certain how exactly I might feel about facebook and social networking in general (can you tell?). Kind of like TV, there is plenty of amusement and I enjoy it for the most part. There is also a lot of crap, and there are always more important and meaningful things I could be doing instead.

I usually don't feel bad about facebook when I am a nameless observer. When I don't comment or "like" or share things there I tend to limit my time on it. I'll just look at the recent happenings of those I appreciate but can't see in person and then move on to my daily goings ons. Lately, however, I have been spending quite a bit more time there. Though I am rarely on for more than 2 minutes at a time, we can all agree 2 minute increments can add up.

In college I never understood why people referred to facebook as their obsession, addiction, or a habit that needed kicking. I used it to keep up with a few long distance friends, but usually the only time I bothered signing on was if I got an email notification. This continued until I had Aiden, then I started using facebook to share pictures of the cutest kid on earth with my friends and family (how could I not?).

I can't remember when it was that I started paying attention to the newsfeed. I think it was when I got my first smart phone. Waiting in a long line, sitting through a boring lecture, passing time, etc. It feels good to feel connected with friends I would otherwise not talk to for months at a time. And I'll admit, sometimes it's cool to see where people are at that I haven't even talked to in years. That question, "I wonder what so-and-so is up to these days..." is fairly easily answered as long as they use facebook.

Facebook really got me hooked when they started alerting me for EVERYTHING. Goodness gracious, I really feel like I can't go a minute without it thinking I need to be alerted that so-and-so updated their status or liked this, or commented on that. AGGGHHHHH! Although some days I really appreciate the distraction and some days it's my only adult interaction (juvenile as it may be), for the most part I am aggravated with myself for how often I find myself there.

So this leads me to... I am cutting myself off! Ok, not completely, but I have decided to remove the app from my phone and limit my time there to a one-time-15-minute-increment a day. Isn't it kinda sad that one-time-a-day sounds like extreme regulation to me? Haha. Silly, Faith. However it is one of the many things I am feeling called to cut back on in my life to allow room for other things God is calling me to do. Trust me, I completely understand how ridiculous this all sounds. But really, facebook kind of takes it out of me. I get involved in so many frivolous conversations I otherwise wouldn't be a part of, I am constantly distracted from whatever I am actually doing in person, and above all I am setting a horrible example to my kids! Imagine how difficult it's going to be to tell my sons to "Get off the phone!" when I have been teaching them by example to be on one their entire lives.

So here is my dramatic and completely unnecessary adieu to my faithful companion, mobile facebook. Good bye! Farewell! I will miss you, but I am happy to be rid of you!


Noelle said...

I took a hiatus for 6 weeks last spring and it was WONDERFUL. I agree...its really great sometimes and other times it's just too much.

Faith said...

Well, so far I have failed at my one 15-minute increment a day goal, but I have limited my use considerably without the app on my phone! Baby steps... haha