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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Gym: Getting Sexy Back

So the time has come to start intentionally getting back into shape. As a belated anniversary gift, my husband and I got a membership to the gym. There's nothing like getting sexy back to spark some romance into a relationship. Of course, as of now we're both still out of shape, and there's nothing sexy about my bright red tomato face and post-pregnancy rear squeezed into yoga pants, but we can only hope that this too shall pass. The best thing about the gym though? Childcare! We get an hour and a half each day if we want, leaving us with no excuse to not go! Thank you Cheshire for that extra motivation.

I had been feeling pretty good about myself with my steady weight loss, but that was before I tried on a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans. Bad idea. Let's just say my overly expressive "muffin top" was the least of my concerns. After that I made another poor decision to try on my pre-pregnancy work out clothes. I mean, they're stretchy, right? Ha. Reluctantly I reclaimed my pregnancy yoga pants and headed to the gym. 

There's nothing like a gym to remind you how out of shape you really are. Fah-lump, fah-lump, fah-lump.... If the way my body feels on a treadmill made a sound, that would be it. Everything bounces. Really. Reminds me of the time I was 14 and doing jumping jacks when my cousin walked in and started to laugh. "Your stomach moves more than your boobs!" he said, still laughing his head off. Of course now with these breastfeeding boobies, it doesn't matter how much my stomach moves, they will always move more. Take that!

Gyms intimidate me even when I'm in shape, so making myself go in my saggy, enlarged, cellulite covered state is quite the hurdle. What with all those beautifully toned people who stare at you as you sloth by, using their eyes to say things like, Why are you here, you hopeless sack of flesh? I've decided the only way to make myself do it is to go every day until I am no longer uncomfortable. I'm not sure how well that theory is working, but with all those mirrors I must say I am more motivated than ever to get my body back. I wish I could go back in time to my 21 year old self and slap me in the face! Really that's what I deserved for judging my body so harshly. If only I knew how good I had it. If only.


Vanessa Washburn said...

I can't wait to go back to cheshire. I made it my goal in June to run every day. and in some capacity i did. July has not been looking so good. Momentum gone, I didn't run once. I think we are re-joining the gym in the fall. You'll have to clue me in to the good classes, and then help mr laugh at myself when I see just how embarrassing my performance is. Now if only I could also get rid of the stretch marks.
Oh and pre-pregnancy clothes, not a chance. Was it this hard to lose the weight the first time, sheesh.

Caitlin said...

You should try the Cardio Salsa class, if it's still taught by Christy Carwile, she's awesome and super nice, and the class isn't too intimidating. Last I remember it was on Wednesday and Friday nights, but that could have changed of course. Tell Christy I said hi if you go. :) Good luck with your 'getting sexy back' endeavors! I'm sure you'll succeed, you're already hot stuff. :)


Breka said...

I am terrified of gyms. The fact that you have gone even once is more than impressive to me. Keep it up! If you want to add a middle of nowhere New England style motivator to your workout, capture some bugs. Nothing says 'keep moving' like biting insects!

marthahelen said...

faith, i love you. this made me laugh so hard. all i can say is YES. YES. i get this. :) and.. you are an exquisite beauty! those toned people are probably staring because of that.

Sam said...

bhahahahha. love it, love you!