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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Faithy's back. Back again.

"I can understand her not coming Monday, but if she doesn't come today I am totally kicking her ass..."
"No you're not."
"Yes I am."
"No you're not."
"Yes I am."
"No you're not."
"Yes I am."

I am sitting in the Student Center waiting to register for a class, reading a book, drinking coffee, and lightly listening to the conversations around me. There are several tables full of students. Most watching movies, playing video games, and facebooking. The conversation above has gone on for some time, but the young man pestering the girl about her sincerity on kicking her classmate's ass has finally regressed, leaving my ears to focus on a conversation at another table. At first I think they are discussing past wars for a history class and after the previous conversation, I am impressed with both their abundant knowledge on the topic and their genuine interest. And then...
"Is my dad still dead?"
"Yes, your dad is still dead. But you have a new troop, a camp to build--it's like a whole new game!"
"Woa, that's awesome..."
I try to follow this conversation, but I get lost quickly.

"No you're not." 
The young man at the previous table has begun his taunting once again. He thinks he's quite funny.

Oh, what's that? I don't recognize the song at first because it's being blared on tiny computer speakers, but then a student starts singing along. And then another. "Power raaangers!" Oh, of course. They are singing the power ranger's theme song. This is completely normal.

Ah yes, to be in college.

The strangest part about being in college again is that my identity is completely different without my kids in tow. I know I look young, but I am still surprised at how young people think I am. Conversations like the following throw me off:

Me: "Oh yeah, I took that class a couple years ago."
Person who thinks I am 12: "Really, you took that in high school?"
Me (confused): "No, just 2 years ago."
Person who thinks I am 12 (also confused): "Ok..."
Me (finally understanding why they are confused): "I'm 25..."
Person who may still think I am 12: "Ooooh...."

You should see their faces when they find out I'm married with two kids. It's a little entertaining.

So yes, here I am. Back in school. Registered. Ready. Here I go!

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Caitlin said...

Just seen this, so I'm a bit late. But, YAAAAAAY! Go Faith! :)