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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pleas of a Nursing Mother

Dear Lord,

   If I were meant to breastfeed my child till age 2, why do you give them teeth so young? I am thankful for the gifts you have given me. I love my child. I love my breasts, too. Help me to care for them both. Keep them unscathed through the perils of teething!


Dear Child,

   Please remember that those squishy milk goblets you are so very fond of are in fact still attached to my body. What they feel, I feel. Teeth not welcome here. "No biting!" is never intended as joke. As happy as I may be to amuse you in any other circumstance, when I pull away in pain, I am not trying to make you laugh. In fact, just stop laughing... Just so you are aware, these are pretty special to me too, and I hope to reclaim them as my own one day soon. Preferably with out teeth marks.
   I love you dearly, but be warned, the longer you keep this up, the sooner your day of weening nears. 

   Your loving-but-quickly-losing-patience-mother

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