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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bloggity-blog-blog (the awkward truth)

Sometimes blogging can be rather frightening. For one thing, you are putting yourself out there for, quite literally, all to see. It can be awkward sometimes after writing a somewhat personal post to see someone I don't know well and suddenly realize they read my blog. "Oh great, they now know what a freak I really am..." Is usually the first thought that enters my head upon that realization. I also have no idea who all reads my blog, which sometimes makes it difficult when deciding whether or not to write certain things. According to the blog's stats (and interaction I have outside the blog) I know that at least half the people who read on a regular basis are not actual followers. Do you know how terrifying it is to bare yourself and not know to whom?? Because of this I usually go with the tactic: if my middle school crush can read it, I'm in the clear. However, sometimes I overestimate what I want my middle school crush to know.

I have always been honest with my writing, and sometimes even quite vulnerable, but for the most part I keep a lot off the blog. I say this because it can be quite uncomfortable for writer and reader when people start assuming they know all that's going on. Most of the time I feel at least fairly confident about the things I share, but it can be a little disheartening when I receive supposed solutions to supposed problems regarding posts I write. Don't get me wrong, I love that people care and want to help, I really do. But sometimes I get the impression that I must come across as taking myself much too seriously or as someone who stresses too easily about silly things. This may be true. Be that as it may, there is also a whole lot of life that I don't share here that comes into play. Often times this leaves me with suggestions and advice that end up being more trite than helpful which in turn causes me to feel more like a putz than I already do on a regular basis (trust me, I need no assistance in that area). I appreciate advice, but please know that if you are coming with only information you get from my blog, you do not have the whole story.

That being said, if you are truly interested, and truly want to help, please just ask! I have more people to protect than just myself on this blog, but if you talk to me one on one, I will gladly give you a list of things you can pray for (or tell you honestly if I am not comfortable sharing more). I am so thankful for all who read here and share in my life, and I appreciate the understanding that personal life is both fragile and complex.


Sam said...

lol. isn't it funny that today we deal with uncharted territory of social media etiquette?! I mean, I thought it was hard enough to have to sensor myself in real life, but now I have to sensor what I say in the media world (and more importantly, WHO I say it to) haha. love it. and I totally understand...that's why I give you advice solely on your blog post ;)

Faith said...

You truly are the best kind of friend, Sam. ;-)