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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired of apologizing for being a girl. I'm tired of excusing my feelings as though they are irrelevant, blaming my hormones as though they are a defect, and hiding my emotions as though they are embarrassing. I am a woman and I was made a woman for a reason. Here are a few things I love about being a woman (in no particular order):

Strength. Yeah, I throw like a girl and I can't even lift my body weight, but God gave me a strength that allows me to hold my children for longer than should be possible. A strength that holds my husband up when he is worn and tired. A strength that holds on to hope when everything else is falling apart. I may cry when I watch a romantic comedy or read a good book, but should the earth collapse, I'll still do my best to stand as a pillar for my family, even if it kills me. Not because I am super human, but simply because it's the way God made woman.

Beauty. I've mentioned this before, it's more than just a material beauty. Woman is the definition of beauty. We are damaged and imperfect, but there is a piece of God's beauty that can only be seen in a woman. In the depths of her eyes, the shape of her body, and the grace she carries in her presence. Beauty does not equal perfection (who are we to define perfection anyway?), it's unique in each who carry it and goes much deeper than we can even fathom.

Emotion. I have apologized for being "emotional" more times than I can count. But you know what, tears can soften hearts and open doors long slammed shut. Joy is contagious and laughter heals like medicine. Anger leads to change and defense for the voiceless. Emotion is a gift that allows us to relate, empathize, love. Sometimes, action based on emotion is the best we'll ever take.

Girl time. No one bonds like women do. When women get together, burdens lift, hearts mend, change happens. We know how to disperse lies, speak truth, and challenge each other in ways no else can. We know how to push each other forward and carry each other when we are weak. Nothing can replace relationships between women.

Passion. There is a passion in women that embodies strength, beauty, and emotion.  We have often been told to quiet it, but this passion is VITAL. Without it, the world wouldn't last a day.

Now I am not bragging about myself or even my gender. I am just so thankful for the way God created women. The world has spoken so much hate and lies into women about who we are. But we are made in God's image. We don't need to prove anything to anyone. So let's instead spread truth by living life embracing what God has given us.

I challenge you to consciously think about "woman" and what it means to you. Whether you are a woman or not. And please leave a comment sharing one thing that YOU love about being a woman or what you love about a woman/women in your life!


Faith said...

Feel free to get more detailed than I did. I wrote this in a rush and it doesn't do my thoughts justice!

Jordan S said...

I love the beauty of my wife, the depth of a women's emotions, and the grace that only a women can process.