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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My husbands back and he's better than eeeeverrr!

Aaron is back! Every time we spend time apart I am reminded why I married him. Let me tell you, 8 days feels like a life time when you can't just pick up a phone and call. Lucky for me I was able to stalk their group on the mission's blog and see the pictures and feel somewhat in touch with all that was going on while they were there. Before I go on about how awesome Aaron is and how perfect he is for me (which I am sure you really care to hear), let me share some praise. Before Aaron left and while he was in Haiti the two main things that kept repeating themselves in my prayers were for Aaron to experience God in a way he never has before, and that God would shed some clarity on the direction He has laid out for our family.

My parents were awesome and watched the kids for us so that we could get a hotel room the night Aaron got back and have a chance to ourselves before we returned to the chaos that we call life. Now that we are back in our home and the busyness has already set in, I am more thankful than ever that we had that time to sit uninterrupted! It was amazing to hear the crazy stories and for Aaron to be able to share the things God placed on his heart while he was there. I am not going to attempt to share all the things he learned and is learning (we are still processing ourselves), but it's really exciting. To see the journey and realize not only how present God has been, but how present He is in our lives, is so encouraging and pushes us to seek Him more earnestly. One thing that God has made clear is that Haiti is in our future. We don't know when or what that looks yet, and it is both frightening and exciting. My prayer now is that as life settles in again we will be able to continue to process the things God is teaching us and keep our focus on Him. That He will continue to transform our lives in ways we can not yet even imagine. It would feel strange for me to try to write about Aaron's experiences, but maybe if we're lucky he'll write some down and I'll share them.

Here is an encouraging reminder from a devotional that was given to Aaron's mission group for their trip:

"A proper view of the scope and complexity of poverty is overwhelming and a bit discouraging, that is if we see ourselves as the answer to the problem. However, when we see ourselves as broken healers and co-laborers with Christ in His ministry of reconciliation, then I think there is hope."

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boy oh boy!!!! I am so excited!!!heart dancing excited!!!....